February 23rd, 2005

Interesting Things

If you have any interest in war or the people who execute it, you must see The Fog of War. Easily one of the most interesting documentaries I've ever seen.

So far this year, Southern California has received more rain than Seattle.

I hate how modern browsers are so eager to store passwords for you. Firefox decided to remember my gmail password
about seven months ago, when I was clicking without paying attention. In the meantime, gmail doesn't seem to care what I tell it my other email address is, so I haven't been able to recover it. It also requires me to type in my old password to change it, even when I'm logged in. The login is done over SSL, so I couldn't even recover it with a network sniffer.

Well, I figured it out today: The very excellent Web Developer extension has a button which un-hides password text-entry fields. Ta-fucking-da. My gmail account is liberated from the tyranny of this old-ass copy of Firefox I've been afraid to upgrade on my dying-ass laptop.

DOS supports "for" loops.
for %f in (*.zip) do unzip %f
I'll be damned.

Apple released a new firmware for the iPods, even the old ones. This one gives you the ability to have a "Shuffle [all] Songs" option on the main menu, just like it always should have been.