August 13th, 2005 Needs a Business Partner

For the last six months, the online ordering system has been shut down. Bank of America was killing me with fees and the cut of credit card sales they were taking. It was costing me money to sell shirts.

In order to have the sales volume I need to drive the website's per-unit sales costs down, I'll need more designs. Before I can get more designs, I'll need to sell a grip of shirts in a hurry. I was wearing the Littering shirt around town a few weeks ago. The place I was getting my hair cut is smack-dab in the middle of hipsterville, so they sell clothes and various other whatever-hipsters-will-buy things. The guy behind the counter started asking me about the shirt, and whether this particular artist had done it. I gave him the whole story, and he insisted I should get the shirts in there so they could sell him. He was familiar with how they sold, and said I'd move a ton of them.

I really have no interest in being a small business asshole. I want to be a loudmouth political shirt guy asshole. So I posted an ad to Craigslist today looking for a business partner. If you know (or are) anybody interested in helping me out with this, I'd love to hear from you.

I'm really looking for someone who knows shop owners and distribution channels in the LA area or nationally, and I'm willing to make this very fair partnership. I'm not interested in getting rich, I just want to move some shirts so I can be famous.

Oh how the sweet musk of fame begs me to bury my tongue in its crotch. Surely you can get it to spread for me.
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