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Not A Good Title

...But an Excellent Subtitle

18 March 1980
External Services:
  • hutta@livejournal.com
  • HuttaKris
  • kris@jabber.icgcorp.net
Some goofy livejournal tools I've developed:

Gender Tool - Attempts to figure out the gender of the journal's author. (If you plan to post something in my journal that simply says, "wrong im a guy," you can just save yourself the effort and eat aluminum foil instead.)

Haiku! - Finds incidental haiku buried in your journal posts. (My personal favorite.)

Word Count - Displays the most commonly used words in your journal. (I have no idea why people like this one.)

Friends Quiz - Test your knowledge of your friends' journal entries.

Friend Fusion - This is what happens when you take the quiz part out of the Friends Quiz.